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Community Service


Diverciti Service is under sub-contractor models to assist CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) people. All profits go back to the communities and disadvantage children.


We are committed to assisting those disadvantaged by poverty, sickness, unemployment and racial discrimination. 


Through training and employment programs and other initiatives we help migrants integrate into Australian society. 


We ensure that there's skill-set instilled to assist them in getting a job or help them become business owner to manage their team. 


In an industry where people are typically paid below the minimum wage, our priority is to ensure that they are treated equally and fairly.

Message from Director


Jeannie Mok OAM

Diverciti Services was established in 2014, as a social enterprise project of Multicultural Community Centre (MCC). The volunteer Director and the administrators aim is to provide employment and the award wages to unemployed CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds) or long-term unemployed people, in possibly, the most unregulated occupation today.


As the MCC Director (volunteer), I routinely meet new CALD migrants / refugees, in dead-end, casual, poor-paying cleaning jobs that “no one wants”. As part of the business model we train, develop, and guide our subcontractors in creating a successful business which leads them to becoming financially prosperous.  Thus, MCC aims to help job seekers form their own businesses, as sub-contractors, with secured employment and better wage rates.


We have had the opportunities to expand our operations and support more disadvantaged people and families. Diverciti is currently focused on CALD communities in assisting them to start a small cleaning business. As a business we are conscious of minimise and limiting cost of operating.  Diverciti utilises the profits from the business to help disadvantaged children from: Nepal, Chennai - India and Nairobi - Kenya.

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